Epic Roll: Eclipse – Reflecting on the Mirror of Echoes

Mirror of Echoes

    Have your actions ever come back to haunt you? Ever have it happen immediately? Yeah, that probably sucked. But now you can visit the horrors of the recent past on others, and point and laugh while doing it. The Mirror of Echoes enables its wielder to traumatize their opponents again and again. And again. (Oh man, classic echo joke. Nailed it.)

    The Mirror of Echoes is activated to play the top card from the discard pile as though it was in your hand. Thus, whenever any player uses or discards a reward card, it’s fair game until another card is goes into the discard pile. A card played using the Mirror’s ability can even be used as part of a Focused Effect, if you have a matching card in your hand. As you may expect, all this power comes with a couple limitations.

    First, if there aren’t any cards in the discard pile, the Mirror can’t be used - this is primarily a concern for the player taking the first turn of the game (normally Goramoth or Greff).

    Second, it’s important to remember that a reward card doesn’t hit the discard pile until it (and any cards played in response) resolve. For example, you can’t play a Block from your hand and then use the Mirror to copy the Block while it’s “in the air” to create a Reflect Damage Focused Effect. On the other hand, this also means if a Counter is sitting atop the discard pile and an opponent plays a Hit, you can activate the Mirror to copy the Counter to cancel out their Hit.

All told, there’s little doubt the Mirror of Echoes will see a lot of play in games to come!

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