Epic Roll: Eclipse - The Tome of Prophecy

Tome of Prophecy  

In part two of our Relic Card preview, we look at the one relic everybody saw coming - The Tome of Prophecy.

    Now here's an item for the discerning adventurer. Why activate your relic and unleash a barrage of fireworks once per round, when instead you can gain a discrete yet undeniable advantage each time you draw a reward card? It might not dazzle onlookers  like the Shield of Vigilance or Wicked Scepter, but the Tome of Prophecy is a “sleeper” with plenty of power under the hood. Err…cover.

The Tome of Prophecy entitles you to draw an extra reward card whenever you defeat an enemy, and then discard a card from your hand. This doesn’t result in a card advantage in terms of number of cards held, but it does allow you to significantly tailor your hand. That means more wildcards and focused effects over the course of a game. And because the “extra” card is placed in the discard pile, the Tome can also keep key situational cards out of opponents’ hands.

    Any champion will do well paired with the Tome, but there are a few that get even more bang for their buck (library card?). Mal Asha’s Soul Reaper ability allows her to draw a reward card when another player is defeated, and Elandra draws a card via Torpor when she is bested by an enemy creature. The Tome of Prophecy’s ability is triggered by both those effects. And with his increased maximum hand size (courtesy of Arcane Research), Greff can stockpile an arsenal of focused effects to unleash on an unsuspecting lich. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why the lich is so suspicious of everyone that comes knocking on his door..

- Matt

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